Workers’ Compensation

Former workers’ compensation magistrate helps you get the care you need

Workers’ compensation laws are designed to give individuals access to financial support after an on-the-job injury. You must be assertive to obtain your full benefits, however, and maneuvering through the red tape of the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) can feel overwhelming — especially while you are recovering from your injuries.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers at Schroder Law, P.C. can help you obtain the maximum amount of benefits for which you are eligible. Attorney Barry Schroder is a former workers’ compensation magistrate who brings more than 30 years of experience and insight to successfully protecting your rights to the total compensation you deserve.

Workers’ compensation procedures

You should immediately report your injury to your employer, who is then responsible for notifying the WCA and its insurance carrier. Your employer may offer you a lump sum settlement to avoid mediation or trial. Once you sign a settlement agreement, you lose valuable rights to seek further compensation. Our Michigan workers’ comp attorneys determine whether the offer reflects your rightful amount, and we advise you whether you should accept it or demand more. If your employer disputes your claim, we take decisive steps to prove the level of your injuries and the work events that caused them.

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